Hello there! Welcome to YOUR DOOM resublimity.net, the domain of a girl whose sims have more of a life than she does. If you're viewing this page at the moment, you either arrived here completely by accident, or you actually care enough to see if there's anything worth viewing here. This site, and all sites located with in, are collectively known as the Chaotic Illusion Network and are run by some geek named Usagi.

This is the fifteenth version of CInet; don't be surprised if number sixteen comes along soon because I change layouts more often than I change my socks.

What you'll find here: fangirlism of the highest calibur, a couple of poorly-designed fanlistings, bad doll pictures, bad Sims pictures, bad self pictures, utter nonsense, things worthy of the tl;dr label, links to fellow nerds, and probably some other things far too insignificant to mention.

What you won't find here: anything resembling a rational thought.

Possible side effects of viewing this website include but are not limited to: headache, upset stomach, vomiting, high fever, flesh-eating strep infections, temporary and/or permanent blindness, the condition known as 'hot dog finger', death, and possession by the Prince of Darkness.

If you've still got the guts to continue onward, you can use the links to the side to navigate.


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